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Getting Started

         - Basic Dress/Fitting Pattern

         - Craft Paper, Tape, and Other Supplies

         - Scissors and Cutting Tools

         - Rulers and Measuring Tools

         - Muslin or Inexpensive Fabric

         - Marking Tools

         - Dress or Body Form

Making and Fitting Your Block

          - Fitting the Bodice Pattern

           - Full Bust Adjustment (FBA)

          - Fitting the Sleeve Pattern

          - Fitting the Skirt Pattern

          - Fitting the Pant - Initial Fitting

          - Fitting the Pant - Final Fitting

          - Making a Torso or Blouse/Top Block

          - The Importance of Sewing Darts (and how to use them well!)

          - Pattern Grading and Sizing

Garment Design and Making Your Patterns

         - How to Use Quarter Scale Patterns to Practice Pattern Drafting Techniques

         - Drafting a Princess seam

         - Drafting a Bodice with Shoulder Yoke

         - Drafting a Full Skirt

         - Drafting a Full Sleeve

         - Drafting the Basic Blouse Block

         - Drafting a Fitted Blouse or Shirt

         - Drafting a Tunic Top

         - Drafting a Flared or Swing Top

         - Drafting a Sweetheart Neckline

         - Drafting a Peter Pan Collar

         - Drafting a Bateau or Boatneck

         - Drafting a Convertible Collar

         - Drafting a V-Neck or Notched Neckline

         - Bell Sleeve

         - Bishop's Sleeve

         - Cap Sleeve

         - Flutter Sleeve

         - Flat Front Pleated Skirt

         - Yoked Skirt

         - Circle or Handkerchief Hem

         - High Waist Sheath Dress

         - Drop Waist Dress

          - Flared Pant

          - Flared Short

          - Tapered Pant

          - Pleated Pant

Pattern Courses

Design Books

  • Design and Reference Books - Recommended reading to better understand the design process, begin sketching your ideas, and improve the fit of your clothing.


  • Tips and Techniques - Find newsletter videos and all of the videos that appear on site, with tips to make your patterns easier and more professional

          - Why do I need a Dress Block? Can't I just re-design a purchased pattern?

          - Why do I need Darts?  They're so UGLY!!

          - Using Your Quarter Scale Patterns

          - Turning Your Darts into Styling Details

          - Slashing and Spreading your Pattern to Add Fullness

          - Customizing your Body Form

          - Using Basic Pattern Techniques

          - What does it mean to "true" your pattern?

          - Don't Make MY Mistakes!

          - Fit Ease vs Style Ease

          - Flat Pattern vs Draping

          - What are Style Lines?

          - Do You Have Trouble Fitting the Bust?

          - Where Do You Find Design Inspiration?

          - Even the Greatest Styles Falls Flat if it's Out of Proportion

          - Do You Speak the "Language" of Patterns?

          - The Difference Between Sewing Ease and Style or Fit Ease

          - Sewing Gifts for Your Friends - or For You!

          - How Collars Work

          - Patternmaking Tools to Get You Started

          - Style vs Fashion - Do You Know the Difference?

          - More on How to Use Quarter Scale Patterns

          - More on Pattern Manipulations to Move Darts and Add Fullness

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