Why do I Need Darts in my Clothing?

They're so Ugly!

In this video, I'll tell you about darts - how and why they're used, how to eliminate them if desired, and how to convert them to styling details that dress up your garment.

In the video above, I reference pages on the website that offer more information. 

Here are links to some of those pages:

The Importance of Sewing Darts

Basic Pattern Drafting Techniques

Drafting the Princess Seam

Drafting a Swing (Flared) Top

A Beginner's Guide to Designing with Darts (a wide variety of techniques to convert your darts to fashionable style lines - available for purchase)

Darts are essential to good fit.  But they don't have to be clunky, ugly lines in your garment.  Learn more about how darts are used, and how to incorporate them into the design of your garment for fit and style!

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