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More Pattern Manipulations to Move Darts and Add Fullness to Your Patterns

In the section on Basic Pattern Techniques, I show you how to manipulate a pattern to move darts (creating a Princess seam or a shoulder yoke on a bodice), and how to slash-and-spread your pattern to add fullness.   

But, there is more than one way to do almost anything - and that includes pattern design.

In this video, I demonstrate two different methods of pattern manipulation to change the position of a dart (or convert it to a seam, tucks, or gathers), and to add fullness to a skirt. Both methods achieve the same result, but take a different path to get there.

I also explain the pros and cons of each method, so you can decide for yourself which may work best for you.

Warning - this is a LONG video!!  I hope it's helpful to you, and you can stop and start it, or fast-forward to a section that's of interest to you. 

The following are pages on this site where you can get more information about dart manipulation and the slash-and-spread technique:

This page describes basic pattern techniques:  https://www.clothingpatterns101.com/pattern-drafting.html

This page shows how to draft a Princess seam: https://www.clothingpatterns101.com/princess-seam.html

This page shows how to slash and spread for a full skirt: https://www.clothingpatterns101.com/full-skirt.html

This page shows how to slash and spread for a full sleeve (This info is NOT included in the video, so check out the page!): https://www.clothingpatterns101.com/full-sleeve.html

And this page (info also NOT included in the video) shows you how to pivot a dart to create a yoke: https://www.clothingpatterns101.com/shoulder-yoke.html

Finally, you can purchase in-depth tutorials that teach much more about dart manipulation:   https://www.clothingpatterns101.com/desiging-with-darts.html

or, using these manipulation techniques to design skirts, blouses and dresses: https://www.clothingpatterns101.com/design-skirts-blouses-dresses.html

Take out your quarter scale patterns and start practicing these techniques!  Which works best for you?

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