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What's the Difference Between Flat Pattern Making and Draping?

Draping and the Flat Pattern technique are two very different approaches to designing and drafting a pattern. Which is best? Let's talk about it!

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Fit Ease vs. Style Ease

What is the difference between fit ease and style ease? The difference is comfort and fashion!

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Fashion Design Sketchbook

Start designing your own fashions with a fashion design sketchbook. The fashion sketchbook has figure templates to help you maintain proper proportions.

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The Basics of Clothing Design

Designing clothing is a matter of taking a variety of elements and putting them together.

Pick a sleeve, a neckline, a body shape - and you have a blouse or dress!

Change the sleeve, add a collar, choose a different fabric or color - and you have a new style!

Sketch your ideas to see which elements work together, and which clash. It's a matter of trial and error - so sketch, sketch, sketch!

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Don't Make My Mistakes!

Don't make the same mistakes I did - do a thorough job of fitting your block so you don't have to make the same corrections over and over!

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Design Skirts, Blouses and Dresses Using Your Dress Block

Learn to design dozens of skirts, blouses and dresses using your dress block.

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What Does It Mean to "True" Your Pattern?

What does it mean to "true" your pattern? Truing your pattern means to "make it true", or complete and correct. Add notches, markings, and seam allowances to finish your pattern properly.

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It's so cold out! Maybe a faux fur wrap is in order!

I used to sew mascot costumes, and used a lot of faux fur. These tips are exactly right for this fuzzy, cozy fabric!

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Why do you need a dress block?

Because you'll get the right fit on every dress, top, and skirt you make - no more fit alterations!

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Sewing Trends for 2019

What are your sewing plans for 2019? Wide leg pants and metallics are included in this list - read it and get inspired!

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Do the blouses you make gap at the bust?

Or do most of your blouses and tops pull across the bust?

You may need a Full Bust Adjustment.

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Sewing In Space??!!?!

I have so many excuses for not getting my sewing done - but after seeing this, I have no excuse at all! Incredible!

Customizing Your Body Form

Did you know you can customize your body form for better fit? And it's not hard - with the right tools!

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Slash and Spread Your Pattern to Add Fullness

Did you know you can slash and spread your pattern to create new styles? Well, a COPY of your pattern, I mean. It's the easiest way to add fullness to a fitted garment pattern.

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Manipulating Darts to Create Design Details

Manipulating your darts can create new style details - without sacrificing fit!

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