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Fundamentals of Apparel Design

Think you can't design clothing? Of course you can! This book will show you the basics of the apparel design process, from silhouette to fabric selection.

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More Pattern Manipulations for Fullness and Darts

There's more than one way to do pattern manipulations. In this video, I show you multiple methods to add fullness or move a dart on your pattern.

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More About Using Quarter Scale Patterns

I'm often asked about how to use quarter scale patterns, and there's a lot of confusion about them. This video explains it all!

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Style vs fashion - do you know the difference?

Do you know the difference between style and fashion? They are NOT the same thing!

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Patternmaking Tools to Get You Started

The patternmaking tools required to begin pattern design are simple and readily available - you can start with just a couple of specialty rulers!

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Pattern Courses to Upgrade Your Skills

designer fitting a dress

These pattern courses are designed to help you create fashions that make you look and feel confident, comfortable, and stylish.

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How Do Collars Work?

How do collars work? Why do some lay flat and others roll high on the neck?

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Sewing Gifts for Your Favorite Seamstress - or For You!

Gifts for those who sew are thoughtful, useful, and fun! Try a cute pin cushion, pro scissors, or a new machine!

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How Sewing Ease Differs from Style and Fit Ease

Sewing ease is not the same as fit ease or style ease. Much like a dart, sewing ease helps to shape the fabric of your garment over the curves of your body.

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Do You Speak the "Language of Patterns"?

Do you speak the "language of patterns"? Yes, patterns have a language - it's in the markings that communicate the details of how to cut and sew the garment.

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A Beginner's Guide to Designing Pant Styles

pant styles download

Designing pant styles from you pant block is easy - it's mostly slight variations in leg length and width, with a few styling details!

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Fit and Proportion in Fashion Design

Fit and proportion are every bit as important to your look as your style. Even the greatest style falls flat if it's out of proportion.

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Where Do You Find Your Design Inspiration?

Finding inspiration for your designs isn't that hard. Inspiration is all around you - on TV, in magazines, even on the people around you!

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Do You Have Trouble Fitting the Bust?

If you have trouble fitting the bust of your bodice, you'll need a Full Bust Adjustment (or a Small Bust Adjustment, as the case may be).

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Make a Kindness Day Beanie to keep someone warm

me wearing the beanie

Do an act of kindness on World Kindness Day. Make a Kindness Day beanie hat to keep someone warm!

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