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Sewing In Space??!!?!

I have so many excuses for not getting my sewing done - but after seeing this, I have no excuse at all! Incredible!

Customizing Your Body Form

Did you know you can customize your body form for better fit? And it's not hard - with the right tools!

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Slash and Spread Your Pattern to Add Fullness

Did you know you can slash and spread your pattern to create new styles? Well, a COPY of your pattern, I mean. It's the easiest way to add fullness to a fitted garment pattern.

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Manipulating Darts to Create Design Details

Manipulating your darts can create new style details - without sacrificing fit!

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Using Quarter Scale Patterns

Use your quarter scale patterns to practice and learn new design techniques. It's much easier than using your full-scale pattern when you're learning the process!

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Basic pattern drafting techniques you'll use again and again

What are the basic pattern techniques you'll need to learn to design clothing patterns? There are just a few basic skills you'll need to master - and they're not hard.

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Why Do You Need a Dress Block?

Why do you need a dress block? Why can't you just re-design a purchased pattern? We'll tell you in this video!

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Why Do I Need to Use Darts? They're so ugly!

Why do you need to use darts in your patterns? Because they shape the fabric to the shape of your body!

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What Tools Will You Need to Draft Patterns? Not Many!

If you're afraid you can't draft your own clothing patterns because you don't have (or don't even know about) the tools you'll need to do it, don't worry!

While there are lots of tools you COULD use, there are really only 3 that I depend upon and use every time - and one of them is a pencil!

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Check out these "Fashions of the Future" - Circa 1939!

Finding Sewing Classes to Upgrade Your Skills

This site isn't about how to sew, it's about how to make clothing patterns. But sewing skill is essential, so here's a list of sewing classes that will help you upgrade your skills.

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Full Bust Adjustment

If you are larger than a B cup, you'll probably need to make a full bust adjustment (FBA) to your fitting pattern.

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Why Do We Make "Muslins"?

Padding the Body Form

A body form is very helpful in getting great fit -but they never replicate YOUR body. But not to worry - you can pad your dress form for better shape and fit!

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100 Years of Fashion - in 100 Seconds

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