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Blouse Patterns and Body Styles

Your blouse patterns will consist of several body styles. Don't limit yourself to a basic blouse - how about a flared top or a fitted shirt? All are based upon the bodice block pattern that you have already fit to your body measurements - so you're ready to go! Make a perfectly fitted blouse, top or shirt today!

Basic blouse - no collar or detail

The basic blouse is an easy-fit, wear-with-anything style. 

Whether or not you want to wear this style "as is", it's the basis for most of the other blouse styles you'll make, so do this one first!

You can make it without a collar, as shown, or draft the collar or neckline of your choice. You can also vary the sleeves as you choose - the options are endless!

The fitted blouse or shirt is a simple variation on the basic blouse - just nip in the waist for a more tailored fit!

The draft is also similar to the blouse draft.  Add a collar and sleeves of your choice to complete the style.

fitted blouse with waist darts and shawl collar
tunic with notched neckline

The basic tunic top can be a pull-over as shown, or have a front or back opening.

Whatever styling details you add, the tunic is a longer, and just slightly more relaxed, version of the blouse.

A flared top or swing top is a fun, casual variation on a blouse.

It can also have a front or back opening, or pull over the head (with a larger neck opening).

Keep the details simple on this one - let the swing of the hemline do the talking!

flared top with wide neckline

All of these blouse pattern drafts are for the body style only.  You'll find a basic blouse sleeve draft on the basic blouse page, and you can choose other styling details, such as necklines and collars, elsewhere on this site.

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