It's World Kindness Day!  Make a Beanie Hat to Keep Someone Warm!

The 13th of November each year is World Kindness Day.

As a seamstress, how can you contribute a bit of kindness to the world?

There are plenty of opportunities for you to stitch something to help someone in need. My suggestion:

Make a beanie hat to keep someone warm!

The beanie I'm wearing is super easy to  make (you can find the pattern using this link), and you can make several of them from a single yard of fabric. 

I bought 2 yards of polar fleece, in co-ordinating colors.  I'll make some hats in black with a plaid cuff and some as pictured, using equal amounts of both fabrics.   You could also line the crown of the hat for extra warmth.

The cuff at the bottom of the hat is relatively wide and is 2 layers thick.  It hugs the head nicely and covers the ears to keep them warm.

These hats could be donated to hospitals for cancer patients, or any patients that need extra warmth.  You could also donate them to a homeless shelter or senior center.

The pattern includes sizes for children, plus adult sizes Small to Large.

How to stitch the beanie hat

To make the beanie:

1.  Cut the pieces from Polar Fleece or Cotton Interlock (the fleece will be warmer).  Cut 5 crown pieces for each hat. 

      1a.  If you choose to line the hat for extra warmth, cut another 5 pieces, in the same or co-ordinating fabric. 

2.  Cut the cuff for the bottom of the hat.  Cut only one piece for the cuff; it could match the crown fabric or contrast, as you prefer.  THE MEASUREMENTS FOR THE CUFF ARE ON THE PATTERN PIECE.

3.  To sew the crown, join the triangular pieces together, using 1/4" seam allowances.  Your seam should stop 1/4" from the top of the triangle to allow all of the pieces to come together smoothly at the top. 

     3a. If you are lining the hat, stitch the lining in the same manner.  Then set the lining inside the crown, WRONG sides together, and baste the layers together along the bottom edge. 

4. To sew the cuff, join the short sides with a 1/4" seam allowance, making a circle of the fabric.  Then fold in half with the long edges together, tucking the seam allowance on the inside of the cuff. You can baste the edges together if you'd like. 

5.  Set the cuff to the hat, right sides together.  Pull gently on the fabric as you stitch, allowing the fabric to stretch when worn.   

The seam allowances will be exposed on the INSIDE of the hat, but the fabric is soft and the allowances won't be noticed.  (We're making this easy so you can donate the hats quickly!)  Trim the seam allowance if needed, to make it look neat.  

Turn the hat right side out, and you're done!

Your local hospital, senior center, or homeless shelter will be forever grateful for your kind and generous gift!

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