Using Sleeve Design to Complement Your Style

Your sleeve design is an important component of any style you create.

It can be the focal point of your garment, or just a nice little detail that sets your style apart; the "icing on the cake", so to speak.

cap sleeve top

The cap sleeve is an example of that little detail that sets your garment apart from the others.

The top at left is not a true "tee", nor is it a tank or sleeveless top.  It's a great summer top, but just a little bit different.

There's just a tiny bit of arm coverage, but it's still cool enough to wear on a hot summer day.

The bell sleeve is another slight variation on a basic sleeve (in this case, the basic, straight blouse sleeve).

With its gentle flare, it's just different enough to add some interest to a simple jacket, blouse, or top.

It's a really nice touch on a tunic top (I almost always use a bell sleeve on tunics!), adding a bit of femininity without being too "girly".

wrap jacket with bell sleeve

flared top with flutter sleeve

But if it's "girly" you want, "girly" we got!

The flutter sleeve is super-feminine and looks fantastic on a floral print, garden-party dress - or adds a feminine touch to a simple flared top.

It's another detail that makes this top "not your basic tee".

The flutter sleeve is also bold enough that it can take the stage as a focal point.

For a classic look, nothing beats the Bishop's sleeve.

It's a full sleeve, yes, but it's a little more than that.  It's a little longer at the back of the sleeve, which makes this sleeve drape beautifully in a soft crepe or other dressy fabric.

Of course, you can make a bishop's sleeve in a variety of fabrics, but in a nice blouse fabric, a blouse with this sleeve will take you from the office to dinner with just a little change of jewelry.

The bishop's sleeve should be the focal point of your garment!

blouse with bishop's sleeve

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