Find Sewing Classes to Upgrade Your Skills

This site isn't about learning how to sew; I assume you already have some sewing skills.  It's essential to know how a garment goes together before you begin drafting a pattern.

On the other hand, when you put the time and effort into designing and drafting your own patterns, and creating your own unique fashions, why not put your best efforts into stitching the garment, too?

You might be able to take a sewing class at your local high school or trade school, but they are getting harder and harder to find. 

If you'd like to improve your sewing skills, I've listed some classes, all available from Udemy, that are a tremendous help. Udemy often offers discounts and sales, so check often for the best prices!

I am an affiliate of the businesses listed on this page, and receive a small commission from any classes purchased using the links below.  You can, of course, go directly to the various websites and purchase classes, without using my affiliate links.

Recommended Sewing Classes

The first two classes are for those of you who have never, or very seldom, used a sewing machine. Learning to use the machine and getting used to the feel of it is the first step!

- Sewing Intro for Absolute Beginners -This would be a very good place to start if you're new to sewing of any kind. The course introduces you to threading and using a sewing machine, winding a bobbin, and sewing a straight stitch. There are 10 beginner projects to get you started - none are apparel, but I learned to sew by making aprons and pillows, so I know it's a great beginner course.

- Sewing 101 - This class is similar to the Absolute Beginners class, but also shows you how to stitch different seams (including the French seam), and has fewer, but somewhat more advanced, projects.

I recommend reviewing the complete course list for each of the above courses to determine which will best serve your needs - you do not need both of them.

- Sewing Basics for Apparel - This course is good for those of you somewhat familiar with sewing, but looking to improve your skills. This course also has a brief overview of using your machine, but delves into a wider variety of seams, seam finishes, and apparel techniques such as gathering, patch pockets, box pleats, and more. It does not include a specific apparel project, but it would be a great course to refer to as you create more and more apparel - you can go back and look for the section on finishing seams or making a pleat, for example, whenever you need to.

- Basic to Advanced Sewing Course - This class This class is very similar to Sewing Basics for Apparel, but demonstrates a few different seams and techniques, AND it has a few apparel projects - including a denim jacket (using a purchased pattern)! It is a more complete course than Sewing Basics for Apparel, but I think both are good. If you can get them at a sale price, it would be worth having both courses.

- Advance Your Sewing Skills - This course is not as comprehensive as the Basic to Advanced Sewing Course, but still has a few tips and techniques not included in other classes. I would pair it with the Sewing Basics for Apparel course, but neither course has a sew-along of a specific project. Both are good for reference as you stitch the garment of your choice.

- Sewing Pattern Alterations: Fixing Fit Issues - This is not a sewing course, but it is essential for creating clothing with a good fit. There's nothing worse than spending time and money on making a garment, only to find it doesn't fit well! Learn how to fix the pattern BEFORE you cut into your fabric! The course covers necklines, sleeves, skirts and pants.

These classes can be taken at your own pace, and you can go back and review them whenever you like. Udemy does not require a subscription or membership fee; you pay only for the courses you choose.

But be warned - I've bought several classes that I haven't even started yet; it can be addicting!

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