Slash-and-Spread Your Pattern to Add Fullness

It's the easiest way to add fullness to a fitted garment pattern.

Did you know you can slash and spread your pattern to add fullness and shape?

Well, a COPY of your pattern, I mean.  Don't EVER cut into your block pattern!!!!!!!!

Slashing and spreading is a technique you'll use for skirts and dresses, blouses - even sleeves!

Here's how it works:

Trace a copy of your block and cut it out.  Then, you'll draw lines in the areas where you want to add fullness.  (In the video, I demonstrate adding fullness at the hem of a skirt, without adding it at the waist).

Cut along the lines and spread the pieces apart (over another piece of paper), and re-trace the new shape - that's your new pattern!!

There's more info about slashing and spreading the skirt on this page.  I also have a page about using this method to create a full sleeve, with the fullness at the bottom only, the top only, or throughout the sleeve. 

Get out your quarter scales and start practicing!

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