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More About Quarter Scale Patterns

I've talked about quarter scale patterns before, and have even done a video to demonstrate how they're used. 

But I still get a lot of questions about them.  

The question I'm asked most often is, "Once I design my garment using the quarter scale, how do I make it full scale so I can cut and sew it?"

The quick answer is - "You DON'T!!!"

Quarter scales are a tool,  used (by me) to demonstrate how a pattern technique is done, and (by you) to practice and learn that technique. 

That's ALL the small patterns are used for. 

In this video, I explain in more detail how and why the small scale patterns are used. 

The video contains a very quick demonstration of drafting a Princess seam. I go through it quickly because the purpose of the demonstration is not to show you a Princess seam, but to show you how to use the quarter scale patterns to practice and experiment with pattern and fashion design. 

I have a page on this site that also explains the use of quarter scales, and you can download a set of quarter scale dress or pant patterns for your own use. 

I strongly urge you to download a set of patterns, glue them to some cardstock (so they're durable enough to use over and over again), cut them out - and start designing!!! 

Using patterns to design your fashions is every bit as important as making your initial sketch.  And like everything else in life, the key is to practice, practice, practice!  

Best of all, it's actually fun!

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