Style vs Fashion - Do You Know the Difference?

The dictionary tells us that "style" and "fashion" are the same thing - they refer to the latest, greatest thing happening.  "Fashion", in particular, can refer to things other than just clothing (ie, "InstaOfficial" is the latest fashion in announcing your relationship). 

My interpretation, however, is a bit different, as I explain in this month's video.  (This is entirely my opinion, by the way - take it for what it's worth).  

When I talk about "style", I'm referring to your personal style, not a specific article of clothing.

My style, for example, is casual.  And I like Bohemian (or Boho) style, which is also casual with a bit of ethnic design mixed in.  

Other people may have a more classic style, or more business-like, or athletic, or formal.  Your style can also be reflected in your taste in home furnishings or simply how you approach life. 

I sometimes have to wear business clothing or something "fancy" for a wedding or special occasion.  I "clean up" OK and can certainly wear appropriate clothing - but it's definitely not my style.  And I always feel out of place, like I'm wearing a costume or trying to be something I'm not.  

Your style is a reflection of you - as opposed to fashion, which comes from someone else (a fashion designer, fashion magazines, etc.). 

Your style might be more "fashionable" than mine - I mean, you may follow fashion and trends more than I do, and being up to date is part of your style. In that case, style and fashion go hand-in-hand.

But they don't have to.  

Your personal style is whatever makes you comfortable and makes you happy.  Regardless of whether or not it's the current fashion.  

I like to wear Boho styles whether they're  "in fashion" or not.  I just like the look, I appreciate the detail that goes into it, and that's me.  And I simply don't care what other people think of it.

Every "style" goes in and out of "fashion".  But you don't have to change who you are just because your preferred style isn't "in fashion".  Wear it anyway! 

If it makes you happy and it says something about who you are, wear it!!  People respond to your attitude much more than what you're wearing. And your attitude is much more positive when you're comfortable in your own skin - and your own clothes.

So - fashion can be part of your style, or not.  But wearing what YOU want to wear, and what makes you happy, it more important than any trend or fashion. 

It is to me, anyway. 

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