Drafting Women's Pants Patterns

Drafting women's pants patterns isn't as hard as it may seem. 

The trick, of course, is getting a good-fitting pant block - but once you have that, altering the style of the leg or adding a yoke is easy!

Wide leg pants, flared from the hip, are an easy-fitting, casual style.  They can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

And they are one of the easiest pants to draft!

Of course, there are many variations of the flare pant - from boot cut pants to bell bottoms.  Pick your style, and add some flair  to your flares!

And don't forget shorts!  A nice bit of flare is a flattering shape for a pair of mid-thigh shorts, too!

Pleated pants are a staple of a woman's wardrobe.  They are a classic trouser style and never really "go out of fashion".

You can add several pleats for a more 1980's fuller fit, or taper the legs, if you like. 

But a basic, trouser style pant with a pleat at the waist will always be appropriate for business or dressy occasions.

A tapered leg is another polished look for women's dress pants.

These are skinny pants, but not a knit legging. 

Worn with flats or heels, they can also be right for any occasion.

Tapered pants look best at ankle length, so show off those shoes!

Pants can also be dressed up with a yoke.

A yoke at the waist is a nice style detail that can set your pant design apart from others.

This yoke is the same as that explained in the skirt section - but the steps to create the yoke is the same for a pant or a skirt.

Before you create these pant styles, you'll need a well-fitting pant block.  You can create one from a commercial pattern, or draft your own pant block using your own measurements. 

Check out "A Beginner's Guide to Drafting a Pant Block" Now!

And once you've drafted your block, explore "A Beginner's Guide to Designing Pant Styles"!

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