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Sewing Gifts for Your Favorite Seamstress - or For You!

If you have family or friends who sew, you might consider giving a sewing gift for the next gift-giving occasion. 

Every seamstress needs sewing tools, from a good pair of scissors to, of course, a sewing machine. 

Often, when starting a new hobby, we don't invest in the best supplies.  And that's not a bad thing - don't waste your money on expensive tools until you know that you really enjoy the activity and have time to pursue it!

But once you decide that this is an activity you want to spend time on, it's time to upgrade to some new tools. And if you know someone at that stage of the hobby, what better way to say, "You've got this!" than to help them sew like a pro!

In this video, I show some of the sewing gifts I've received over the years, and a few that I would give as gifts.  Not all are pro-level tools; some are just cute and fun!

I have provided links to some of these gifts (or something similar) below the video.  The links are for Amazon products, but these, or similar, items can be found at sewing centers, fabric stores, craft stores, or even thrift shops. 

So go ahead and get a cool new gift for your favorite seamstress - even if it's you!

Click on the TEXT links below to go to the item in Amazon.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This helps to keep this site free for your use. You are free to search Amazon for these or other similar items without using the affiliate links on this page. 

If you're serious about sewing, you need to be serious about cutting.  And nothing cuts as well as a good pair of stainless-steel shears or scissors.  
Gingher is the best known and well-loved brand, but Kai is a good option, too. 

And, of course NEVER use these to cut paper or anything other than fabric!!

A good pair of small scissors is essential by your side at your machine. I'm not a fan of "nippers" because they are seldom sharp enough.  

These embroidery scissors, also by Gingher, are very sharp and will clip your threads cleanly, as well as clipping seam allowances along a curve.  And the stork design is classic!

Pins and needles are used on a daily basis in sewing.  Where do you put them?  In a pin cushion or needle case!

The classic tomato pin cushion is fine, but how about something a little more fun?  This little hedgehog is adorable, especially after you fill it with pins!

Needles are best kept separately from pins, because they're so easy to lose.  This "lipstick" case even comes with a few needles! And it keeps them safe. 

Not everyone uses a thimble, but I can't do hand sewing without one.  That doesn't mean it has to be plain and boring! 

This nice filigree bronze thimble is both pretty and useful. 

A tape measure is another essential item.  This one is both cute and functional, and small enough to tuck into your purse!  I carry one to use when I'm shopping, to measure clothing or other items.

And where do you put all this stuff? Into a sewing box!  A sewing box is especially useful for hand sewing and repairs.  I keep one on the shelf in my living room!  This box is an example of a conventional sewing box, but the video shows you other containers you can use. 

For a really nice gift (this one might be for you!), nothing beats a sewing machine. 

I use a very simple machine.  I have no need for a computerized machine or one with hundreds of stitches, so I'm really not familiar enough to recommend one. 

This machine, by Janome, is similar to the one I use.  It has more than enough stitches for basic sewing and is a very good starter machine (if, for example, you have a daughter learning to sew).

As an upgrade, this machine is sturdy and can sew almost anything.  Again, it has few stitches, but for clothing you don't need many.  This machine will last a very long time!

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