Even the Greatest Style Falls Flat if It's Out of Proportion

You see a style that looks great on a friend, someone on the street, or someone in a magazine.  But will style look just as good on you?

Not every style looks good on every body.

I am well aware, for example, that I am not a fashion model, and nothing will ever look as good on me as it does on a model. 

But  am I doomed to look like a frumpy, fat old lady all the time? 

Well, I can't get away from short, fat and old - but I don't have to be frumpy! 

The key is fit and proportion . The balance between length and width - and ensuring that the garment  fits  - makes all the difference in how clothing looks on each body.  

In the video below, I demonstrate some of these concepts.


That style you saw in the magazine might not be right for your body. But that doesn't mean you can't find (or design!) Clothing that looks good on YOU.  

And if there is a style that you MUST have,  think about WHY you are so drawn to that style.   Is it the silhouette? The fullness of the skirt, or the fit of the bodice? The sleeves, the neckline, the drape or structure of the fabric?

Take those elements and create something that works for  you!

You may love a style you see at a red-carpet event, but you can't wear it to the office.  Is there something about the style that you can incorporate into everyday wear? 

Necklines and sleeves are good starting points, but a shortened version of a gown (in a less sparkly fabric) could become a cocktail dress or even a dress to wear to the office.

Take a good, hard look at what you have in your closet.   What looks good on you (not just "what you like", but what really looks good on your body )?  What makes you feel great when you wear it?  

And - what doesn't?

Take notes as you work through your wardrobe - and this might be a good time to donate the things that don't make you shine.  

Of the items that really make you stand out - what is it about that style that works?  Is there a common thread among the styles you keep?  (similar shapes, fabrics, lengths, etc).  

Of the items that don't work well - why? Is it the fit (something you might be able to fix), the silhouette, the fabric, the details?  Make note of those things, too - and avoid them in the future. 

Yes, this involves some work.  

But  knowing your body and what makes you look and feel your best is well worth the investment.  Imagine getting up every day and knowing that you'll always look great, even if you're just wearing sweats (and yes, this applies to the most casual clothes) - that's worth the time. 

And not wasting your money on clothes that don't make you look good makes it worth it, too!

So - if you're stuck at home like many of us - this is a good time to tackle that closet and take stock of your wardrobe!

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