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How about a pattern design e-book?

I've gotten a lot of very good feedback about the information on this site - and I sincerely thank everyone who has had comments. It has helped me to make many improvements. 

If there's one problem, however, it's that is can be difficult to follow.

It's easy to click from one page to another, all of them filled with great information.

But it's also easy to get lost along the way. 

You're reading about how to fit your dress, and all of a sudden you find yourself looking at collars!  Yeah, you want to learn about collars, but not right now!

So What's the Solution?

An E-book!

I've converted the entire site into an easy-to-read pattern design e-book. 

Organized by chapter, and following a specific series of steps, you'll have no trouble finding the information you're looking for - and staying on track.

"An Introduction to Pattern Design Using the Basic Block"

"An Introduction to Pattern Design Using the Basic Block" offers 175 pages of basic design and pattern drafting techniques, in a simple, "textbook" format.

Organized by chapter, it covers:

  • the tools you'll need to draft your patterns,
  • how to use a purchased "fitting pattern" to fit and create your block, and
  • several style variations you can use to design lots of new styles!

And, we've recently added information on fitting and designing pants!

This is not an in-depth tutorial on a specific topic (like the block and dart tutorials).  It's simply all of the information available on this site, organized in an easy-to-read format.

Is there anything to this offer that isn't available on the site?


When you order An Introduction to Pattern Design, I'll include the Glossary of Sewing Terms and Glossary of Design Terms

You'll be speaking like a pro in no time. You'll understand the difference between piping and binding. You'll know exactly what someone means when they refer to a "besom pocket" or "funnel neck/collar".   And - you'll get more ideas for your own designs!

Order Now and Get Started!

This pattern design book is available in both downloadable pdf format, or on a DVD.  Both versions can be printed (but take it to a copy shop - it's 175 pages for the Pattern Design book alone!)

Purchase the Digital/Downloadable version of the 3 e-books.

You'll have instant access to the pdf files (which you can download and print)  for the Pattern Design book, and the Glossaries of Sewing Terms and Design Terms.

  $5.97   USD 

Yes! I'd Like the 3 e-books about Pattern Design!

Purchase the DVD version of the 3 e-books.

You'll receive all of the same material as the digital version of the tutorial, but in DVD format.  This is the best option if you want a permanent, physical product.  All 3 e-books are included.

  $10.97   USD    plus shipping.                                

(Shipping is $7 USD within the US, $25 USD to Canada, and $34 USD internationally

Yes! Send me a DVD about Pattern Design!

Sales tax will be charged for purchases within Wisconsin.

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