Fundamentals of Apparel Design

Think you can't design your own wardrobe? Think again!

ClothingPatterns101 is about the process of making sewing patterns, but you need to have a design to start with. 

Many people are intimidated by the word "design".  They seem to think that designers are people who have some kind of magical skills that allow them to create beautiful garments. 

Well - maybe.  But in reality, we are all designers. 

When you decide what color to paint your kitchen, and what curtains to hang, towels to buy, and accessories to display - you're a designer.

When you decide which flowers to plant in your yard, and where to plant them - you're a designer.

When you decide which shoes or blouse to wear with your outfit, you're making a design decision.

In Fundamentals of Apparel Design, I'll take you through the process of design, from finding inspiration, to choosing the right fabric.

Paperback     $12.97

E-Book           $5.97

In this book, I'll show you:

  • How to plan your design
  • The elements of design and how they're used
  • Why a basic block is essential if you're sewing your own clothes
  • The importance of fit, proportion, fabric selection, and color in your design
  • Where to find inspiration for your designs
  • How to put all of the elements together

This book is not intended to be a comprehensive course on apparel design, but it is a basic reference book for beginners, and a guide to understanding apparel and design. 

It is intended for those of you who sew for yourselves, and would like a little guidance in creating a wardrobe that reflects your personality.  After all, why go through the trouble and expense of sewing your clothing, only to end up disliking the results?

The book also includes an illustrated glossary of sewing and design terms, so you'll know the difference between a Bishop's Sleeve and a Flutter Sleeve, or between bias tape and binding - and recognize them when you see them.

If you love to sew and are ready to start exploring looks that flatter you, there's no time like the present to dive in a get started!

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