Dress and Skirt Design for a Whole New Wardrobe!

Do you love skirts and dresses?

As a little girl, I loved dresses and dressing up.  But as an adult - not so much. 

But if you wear skirts and dresses - whether your look is tailored and professional or casual and boho -  why not make your own?

The Beginner's Guide to Drafting a Dress Block and Designing Styles using Sleeves, Collars, and Darts will show you how to draft a block that fits your body, and then manipulate that block to create virtually any style of skirt, dress, or blouse that you like. 

How do you do that?

It's not nearly as difficult as you might think.  The hardest part is drafting and fitting your block.

But you can do it - I'll walk you through it.  

First, you'll take a set of measurements and draft a dress block (a template or basic pattern that's used mostly to get your perfect fit). 

Then, you'll make a mock-up or sample from a plain, woven fabric like muslin (or an old sheet!).  You'll use that to do fittings and make corrections to ensure that your block fits you well.  If you block fits, then everything you make using that block will fit - no more lengthening or shortening sleeves, or dealing with bust darts or waistbands that don't fit.

Once you've made your corrections and have a good block, you'll use that basic pattern as the basis for other styles. 

With a dress block, you can make skirts and blouses or tops as well as dresses - so you'll make a whole new wardrobe!

The Beginner's Guide to Drafting a Pant Block and Designing Pant Styles is a complete course in pattern design for dresses, skirts, tops and blouses.  You'll learn to manipulate the darts in your dress into flattering style lines, and add necklines, collars and sleeves. 

Then what happens?

Well, then you start to create a whole new wardrobe of skirts, blouses and dresses - and wear them with pride!

They're your style, they'll fit great and look great - and so will you!

The Beginner's Guide to Drafting a Dress Block and Designing Styles using Sleeves, Collars, and Darts

Course materials are available as downloads or on flash drives.

If you purchase the Digital/Downloadable version of the tutorial, you'll have instant access to the pdf files (which you can download and print) and to the online videos on a password-protected page on Vimeo.  The videos in this version are not downloadable. Internet access is required to view the videos.  The pdf files arrive immediately via email.
If you purchase the DVD or flash drive version of the tutorial, you'll receive all of the same material as the digital version of the tutorial, but in DVD/Flash drive format.  This is the best option if your internet access isn't reliable or if you want a permanent, physical product.  The videos are included on the DVD (viewable on your computer, not a DVD player), so internet access is not necessary to view the videos.              

Shipping is $8.00 USD within the US, $33 USD to Canada, and $37 USD internationally Package will ship from the US within 3 business days. Transit times depend upon final location. Maximum 4 items shipped in one box, for one shipping cost. 

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